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  • Review with Reason: “Rachel Maddow’s Prequel Is a Deceptively Framed History of the Radical Right”

    I am pleased to share that the folks at Reason provided me with an opportunity to review Rachel Maddow’s new work on the radical right: Rachel Maddow’s ‘Prequel’ Is a Deceptively Framed History of the Radical Right (

  • New Podcast Appearance: “War Propaganda and the Information State” on Kibbe on Liberty.

    I’m excited to share a recent interview with Matt Kibbe of Free the People. We discussed my recent work on Woodrow Wilson, FDR, the birth of the information state, and current changes in conservative foreign policy opinion. Check it out: War Propaganda and the Information State | Guest: Brandan P. Buck | Ep 241 –…

  • New Podcast Appearance: “The Rise of the Information State: Woodrow Wilson to the Twitter Files”

    A special thanks to Patrick MacFarlane for having me on his show, Vital Dissent to talk about my work and current strains of noninterventionism on both the left and the right. And, in case you missed it links are below to the articles that we discussed. Feeling manipulated? How Uncle Sam perfected the information state…

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