New Book Review: Jacob Heilbrunn’s America Last

The Libertarian Institute published my latest book review critique of Jacob Heilbrunn’s America Last. Beyond its stated goal, which was at best a mixed bag, Heilbrunn’s tome also attempts to rehabilitate a painfully orthodox interpretation of American foreign policy and its liberal internationalist underpinnings. Much like David Frum’s recent attempt to “uncancel” Woodrow Wilson, Heilbrunn’s book attempts to breathe new life into a beleaguered liberal consensus by offering an often ahistoric and blinkered view of the past.

History Last, Polemics First: A Critical Review of Jacob Heilbrunn’s ‘America Last’ | The Libertarian Institute

New Op-Ed: “Neocon Charlie Sykes’ Tortured Analogies, Past and Present”

As the meme says, it’s all so tiresome, needing to refute the latest hackneyed WWII analogy-based think piece the blob churns out. But, do it, we must. As always, a thank you to the great Libertarian Institute for running my latest, “Neocon Charlie Sykes’ Tortured Analogies, Past and Present,” linked below.

Neocon Charlie Sykes’ Tortured Analogies, Past and Present | The Libertarian Institute