New Op-Ed: “Beyond the Noise: NATO Debates, Past and Present”

I’m pleased to share that Responsible Statecraft published my latest article on the historical debates about the U.S. commitment to NATO and European security. It argues that the reciprocal outrage of Trump’s comments and the ensuing media response has obscured long-standing historical debates about Americans’ relationship to the Old World. Give it a read:

Beyond the Noise: NATO Debates, Past and Present | Responsible Statecraft

A Farewell to a Furry Friend, and Other Thoughts on Loss

This isn’t a personal blog, but today, my family had to say goodbye to our long-time pet, Kilroy, a retired racing greyhound. We had him for almost ten years, and his life here with us was firmly intertwined with my life in graduate school. So, writing about him here seems appropriate.

Two of those years were during a long bout of unemployment, which, as you may imagine, was a difficult time in our lives, especially mine. Having him around the house to keep me company and to keep me occupied was a lifesaver. Otherwise, especially in those early years, in which my novelty had yet to wear off, he was my “study buddy.” He would lie next to me as I spent hours reading, rolling over on occasion to solicit a “walkies” break.

On the bright side, my mother now has someone to dote on. My mother died six years ago. During our first visit to my parent’s condo after her passing, Kilroy paced around their place whining, in obvious distress, looking for where she had gone. When he realized she was gone, Kilroy went into my parent’s room, which he never did, laid by her side of the bed, and let out a mournful sigh.

It was the most wretched yet beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

This morning, when we knew it was time, we sat with him and gave him ample hugs and a “pup cup” from Starbucks. I made him bacon and eggs for breakfast. He loved that.

His last walk was difficult but dignified.

He went peacefully.