Other Work

Digital Projects and New Media:

“Sinking the Empire: The Campaign to Destroy the Japanese Merchant Fleet During the Second World War” brandanpbuck.com/sinking_the_empire.html (2019)

“Unrestricted: Interactive Map Exhibit” brandanpbuck.com/unrestricted.html (2019)

“QGIS Tutorial,” http://earlyamericanelections.org/blog/2019/04/30/qgis-tutorial.html  for “Mapping Early American Elections” (2019) 

“Unrestricted: The Campaign to Sink the Japanese Merchant Fleet During World War II”  https://unrestricted.omeka.net/ With Bat-Erdene Altankhuyag, Matthew DiRisio and John Sheehan (2018)

Peer-Reviewed Academic Articles:

“Brokering a Buffer State: Afghan Neutrality and American Diplomacy, 1973–1979” International History Review, Feb 20, 2018  See Publication

“‘The Mortar Between the Bricks’: Willis Conover and Global Jazz” Jazz Perspectives Dec 13, 2017  See publication

Book Reviews:

Leftists Debate Whether America Is Fascist in ‘Did It Happen Here?’ (reason.com)

History Last, Polemics First: A Critical Review of Jacob Heilbrunn’s ‘America Last’ | The Libertarian Institute

Rachel Maddow’s ‘Prequel’ Is a Deceptively Framed History of the Radical Right (reason.com)

#Reviewing The Afghanistan Papers (thestrategybridge.org)

Buck on Walldorf, ‘To Shape Our World for Good: Master Narratives and Regime Change in U.S. Foreign Policy, 1900-2011’ | H-War | H-Net

Buck on Fredholm, ‘Afghanistan Beyond the Fog of War: Persistent Failure of a Rentier State’ | H-War | H-Net